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List of Available SEAI Grants

Insulation (Attic/Cavity/Internal/External)                      to the value of €6000

Heating controls Grant                                                          to the value of €700

Heat Pump Grant                                                                  to the value of €3500

Solar Water Heating                                                              to the value of €1200

Solar Electricity                                                                     to the value of €2400

Electric Vehicle  Home Charger                                            to the value of €600

For more information visit the SEAI website at

Who can apply? 

Insulation & Heat control grants are available for homes built and occupied prior to 2006, this is defined by the date your electricity metre was installed. Grants for Heat Pumps and Solar water heating are available to homes built and occupied prior to 2011. For Electrical Vehicle grants, the applicant must be the owner of an eligible new or second hand electric vehicle.

Where to Start? – The Process 

Before any works can begin within your home it is first necessary to obtain grant approval from the SEAI. This can be applied for online or by post. It is critical that permission is obtained prior to commencement of any energy upgrade works as this will result in your property becoming ineligible for the grant.


In the case of a heat pump upgrade it is necessary to employ an SEAI registered technical advisor. Next, it is time to choose an SEAI registered contractor. At this point you can apply online or by post. If you have applied online you will receive a grant offer immediately, if by post your offer will take up to 5 working days. The offer must be accepted within 30 days to avoid having to re-apply.


From acceptance of the grant offer, you will have 8 months to complete the required works and submit the relevant paperwork, a BER cert will be required on completion of these works and must also be completed by a registered assessor.


Finally, get paid. In order to receive payment of the grant a declaration of works form must be completed, one form for each upgrade being applied for. This form will be completed by the home owner, technical assessor and BER assessor after all works have been completed. This will be submitted to SEAI along with a request for payment form, there is generally a 4 week waiting period until the grant is received.

How can we help?

At RoeSavin Construction we believe in making things as simple for our clients as possible, If hired on your job we can act on your behalf to get pricing from technical assessors and BER assessors. We will also work closely with these assessors in order to ensure that all criteria is met and you receive your grant in full and with minimal work on your side.