We have established construction expertise, delivering projects for Local Authorities, Architects, Engineers, Facility Managers and Commercial Estate Managers.

RoeSavin Construction is an Irish construction company located in Dublin city. We have proven our ability to be imaginative and innovative when needed, while consistently delivering across the specific construction services that we are good at.

We have a broad portfolio of a wide range of projects from small, bespoke design jobs to large commercial projects.

By operating a tight project management system for every job, we ensure that they are completed on time, within budget and in a safe manner.

Our Projects

Our Team

Having our proven, competent experts on your project ensure smooth delivery and the ability to deal with any unknowns if they arise

Flexible Plans

No job can begin without agreed, detailed and finished plans


We ensure the correct paperwork is in place for the project. This removes stress from the client as they know exactly how the job is to progress and can make product choices in good time which will help to best ensure our programme is adhered to.


Understanding and appreciation of deadlines among the project team helps to drive the project on


This is a key principle that connects everything and everyone on your project. Regular minuted meetings, clear written communications with instructions recorded and authorized means there is clarity throughout the life of your job

5 Principles of Our Work

Our approach on every project, is to keep things as simple as possible for the client every day. We want it to be easy for us and our clients to understand each other, identify and deal with issues before, during, and after jobs.

Our clients become part of our project team as much as we become part of theirs. Expertise and understanding to do with final aesthetics, project finances, speed, safety and protecting the environment are all fluid during a project. Our 5 principles approach keeps everyone aware of new issues as they arise before, during and after our jobs.

Our Process

  • 1. The Concept & Plan

    We meet to listen to what you want to achieve with your project

  • 2. Design

    We contribute where we can with suggestions of building efficiency and effectiveness

  • 3. Estimation

    We price up how much your new design will cost to build

  • 4. Construction

    We carry out the necessary construction works to the standards we have shown you

  • 5. Completion

    We complete the remaining finishes to the project

  • 6. Follow up

    We return to review and assess the project and seek your recommendation for future customers

Your project is our project!